• ACT/SAT Test Prep

    Study with the most up-to-date lectures, quizzes, examples, homework, and practice exams designed to maximize each student’s performance.

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  • AP/SAT Subject Tests

    Small group AP and SATTM Subject Test instruction gives your child the support he or she deserves.

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  • Innovative Technology

    Each student’s practice test results are analyzed through our proprietary SATracker™/ACTracker™ software to highlight their optimal improvement strategy.

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Welcome to Gate Education

GATE EDUCATION was founded by the principal, William Lee, in 1994, and today has over 20 years of experience in education. At Gate Education, we recognize the potential each child brings and work collaboratively to help each individual. We are dedicated to preparing each child’s future using academic counseling, innovative technology (SATracker™ and ACTracker™), and caring teachers and staff. Our goal is to guide your child to achieve academic success.

All of our teachers are experienced and have high competence in their subject areas. Our emphasis on small group instruction provides the best possible learning for your child. We care about every student’s unique circumstance and will accommodate your child’s needs to ensure that he or she will receive optimal support along his or her educational journey.

Specialized in the ELD/CELDT Test Prep program, we directly communicate with a student’s school teachers and counselors to evaluate each student’s individual needs. We provide the same example tests, training and drills as the CELDT to maximize performance on the exam. We also provide Private or Semi-priavte tutoring with customized curriculum to pass CELDT test in 3-6 months.


Increase SAT/ACT scores by an average of 250/5 point.

AP/SAT Subject Tests

Learn core concepts with our custom-made lecture materials.

Enrichment Programs

Small group Math, English and Elementary programs.

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