Common Core Math

The Common Core Math Program starts with a diagnostic test in which all questions are research-based test items found in today's Standardized Tests. Once we are able to identify your student's strengths and weaknesses, along with the predicted test performance, we design a tailor made 12 week program just for your child. This allows us to hone in on your child's weakest areas, providing only what he/she needs, so progress is efficient and timely. With around the clock access to your child's progress via web, you will be able to watch his Student Growth Percentile grow!

Give your student the confidence he or she needs to succeed in math and science by studying in advance. Students preview fundamental concepts, build logical abilities, and solve problems to gain an advantage in the upcoming year for classes in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I/II, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus.

Common Core Reading

Gain an edge over your classmates by joining the most intensive English program in Orange County. Students will be surprised at how much they improve their English after only nine weeks. Students will build mastery in language arts essentials including vocabulary expansion, grammar training, critical reading, and essay writing.

The Common Core Reading Program is designed to improve and enhance each student's mastery of the Common Core Standards. After the Diagnostic Test, which assess a total of 46 reading skills in 4 main areas, we construct a 12 week plan based only on your child's needs. By tailor making each student's plan for improvement, we are able to quickly and efficiently provide instruction that will help your child in no time!

  • As students advance grades, they are expected to meet each year?s goals and retain (or further develop) grade specific skills.
  • These are outlined in the Common Core Standards and used nationally.
  • We ensure that students master these standards...and more!
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