Build Your Child's Dream Together with Our 20 Years of Expertise

GATE EDUCATION was founded by our principal, William Lee, in 1994, and today has over 20 years of experience in education. At Gate Education, they recognize the potential each child brings and work collaboratively to help each individual. They are dedicated in preparing for each child's future using academic counseling, innovative technology (SATracker™ and ACTracker™), and caring teachers and staff. Their goal is to guide your child to achieve academic success.

"At GATE Education, we provide various academic services to students from Elementary School to High School."

Our Philosophy

At GATE Education, we recognize that students learn by the example they see, not just by what they are told to do. We strive to provide positive role models for students by maintaining a clean and neat facility and always acting with honesty, integrity, and humility. All of our teachers are experienced and have high competence in their subject areas. Our emphasis on small group instruction provides the best possible learning for your child. We care about every student's unique circumstance and will accommodate your child's needs to ensure that he or she will receive optimal support along his or her educational journey.


William Lee
UCLA Aerospace Ph.D. Can.
Northrop Aerospace MS, BS
SAT/ACT Sta. Note Author
College Counseling, 20 years


"I am taking SAT Critical Reading and Writing here at GATE with Jennifer. She is honestly one of the most outgoing, nice, and awesome teachers I have met so far. Anyone taking classes with her will immediately feel that she is very approachable - which I think is one of the most important characteristics in a teacher. Not only has Jennifer improved my SAT score, she has also vastly improved my writing skills. I respect her, because she truly cares for my success and will do her best to ensure it. My experience here at GATE has been great!"
— Joanna Paik, Bechman High

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