We have over 20 years of experience providing excellent academic enrichment geared toward preparing students for college admission and ACT/SAT/AP test preparation in Irvine, California.

We strive to do our best in providing assistance to students in Korea and the United States who are preparing for college entrance. We have published 24 volumes of ACT/SAT study materials as well as a book called Strategies for Studying Abroad in the US and for the SAT from Nexus Publishing.

Through much experience and effort, we have come up with systems and software that help equip any student who fall within the top 50% range to receive an ACT /SAT score over 30/1400 after a period of preparation.

This software called ACT/SATracker was not developed for the purpose of sale from the beginning. Rather, during the last 20 years of running this institute, we contemplated ways to improve our students' English proficiency and SAT scores within a certain timeframe. The methods we discovered over the years were finally bundled together to form this software.

Because the success of this program has already been proven through the performance of numerous students, children and students from any region including the United States, China and Korea, can immediately benefit from it. I will now introduce the ACT/SATracker program.

This program is divided largely into 4 sections.

The first section illustrates the raw composite score on each subject tested on the ACT and provides a final bolded composite score, including the essay portion of the test. This provides test-takers a subject-area breakdown of the score in order to determine which areas are their strongest versus the areas where more practice and improvement is needed.

The second section is an analysis that charts the individual student test scores over time and provides learner, parent and instructor, a visual representation of the student's progress. This is a time-saving and convenient method of reviewing and identifying any decrease in scores from one practice test to another.

The third section provides an in-depth analysis of the three subject areas of the ACT and provides learner, parent and instructor the raw score in addition to a specific breakdown of the Sub Areas within each category. This report also ranks the test sub areas by level of difficulty and identifies the student's weaknesses. This allows students and instructors access to test data that will help inform instruction and highlight areas of focus for the learner.

The last section includes individual workbooks along with accompanying lecture notes and item analysis material in order for the student to deepen their understanding of the skills and knowledge base needed to improve their score.

It is crucial to take a few moments and highlight the true advantages of the ACT/SATracker software.

One of the greatest benefits of the ACT/SATracker is that the entirety of the analysis and helpful sections listed above are available online. In this way, students, parents and instructors alike, have access to the student's progress and supplemental resources. All participants can monitor the scores from anywhere and at any time. Students will also be able to review the areas that need improvement, even after their regular SAT course is completed.

Another crucial advantage is that this system contains over 50 tests and 8,500 questions, and it is programmed to meet individual student need. For example, if a student has already achieved a score of 30/1400, he/she will not need to review the whole ACT/SAT course. By utilizing the analysis graphs, individual workbooks, and lecture notes, the student and instructor can specifically target areas that need improvement to increase the score to 30-36/1400-1600 in a short period of time.

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