GATE ACT/SAT Individual Camp


  1. Our program is based on 20 years of experience in test preparation.
  2. The material we offer is comprehensive, easy to follow, and well organized.
  3. Unlike other programs, our students do more than just take practice tests. Our staff has unwrapped the Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Essay Writing components of standardized testing into twenty different subtopics. Each subtopic has lectures, quizzes, examples, homework, and practice exams designed to maximize each student's performance.
  4. Each student's practice test results are analyzed through our proprietary ACT/SATrackerTM software to highlight their optimal improvement strategy.
  5. Our test preparation curriculum is structured around proven strategies for best practices in education.
  6. Our materials are created by our own professional staff and are constantly updated and revised to reflect the most current versions and content of the SAT and ACT.
  7. Our teachers continuously train to keep up with the most current ideas in best practices in education and test preparation.
  8. Our teachers have successfully taught ACT/SAT preparation in Orange County for more than 10 years and our administrative staff has successfully led test preparation in Orange County for almost two decades.
  9. The average ACT/SAT score gain for Gate Education students is over 6/300 points.
  10. Our teachers create motivating and challenging learning environments for their students. Our teachers sincerely care about their students and personally invest themselves in the success of each student they work with.
  11. Our support staff provides comprehensive academic counseling for each student at Gate Education. We help students with academic planning, with navigating the college admissions process, and we write recommendations for summer internship programs.
Course Description

The ACT/SAT comprehensive preparation program is an intense course that will cover four broad areas: Critical Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, Writing, Vocabulary, Science. Students will learn core concepts, application of core concepts to problem-solving, independent and critical thinking skills, and specific test strategies.

  1. Gate Education ACT/SAT Critical Reading lecture notes
  2. Gate Education ACT/SAT Mathematics packaged lessons
  3. Gate Education ACT/SAT Essay Writing and Grammar lecture notes
  4. Gate Education ACT/SAT Vocabulary 3000 words packaged lessons
  5. ACT/Collegeboard SAT practice problems & 16 Real full-length tests
Course Objectives
  1. A high score in all areas of the ACT/SAT
  2. Develop a strong ACT/SAT English vocabulary and conventional usage
  3. Read with a critical eye toward information and ideas
  4. Recognize test questions and apply appropriate technique
  5. Master the fine points of English grammar & Communicate ideas effectively in written form
  6. Be comfortable writing full-length ACT/SAT essays & Learn to analyze passages for main ideas
  7. Perfect mathematical computation & Understand graphs and data interpretation
  8. Approach mathematics with a problem-solving mentality
Be Prepared!! It all begins at Gate Education.
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